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Timber Structures 3.0 AG
Niesenstrasse 1, 3600 Thun
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  • Flat roof Handl, Haiming Tirol

    In the Austrian Tyrol, a 650m2 cross laminated timber panel was created in two days using TS3 technology. This is a world record: it is the largest continuous CLT panel.

  • Blümlimattweg 15, Thun

    At Blümlimattweg 15 in Thun, Switzerland's first apartment building with a basement made of wood was built. Thanks to TS3's joint grouting, the floor slab and basement can be built from cross-laminated timber panels.

  • Fasanenhof, Frenkendorf

    In Frenkendorf, the first four-story column-and-slab structure made of wood was built. Thanks to TS3, the building once planned in concrete can be built in wood. The planning with the multi-axial load-bearing cross laminated timber panels is similar to reinforced concrete.

  • TS3 long-term test at ETH Zurich, Zürich

    Recently, the new Timber Structures 3.0 technology (TS3) has been developed. This technology makes it possible to bond timber components made of solid, glulam or cross laminated timber on the front side. This makes it possible to produce point-supported, multi-axis load-bearing panels or folding units in any shape and size.

  • TS3-staircase at Naikoon Contracting,

    At the beginning of January 2019, the first staircase using TS3-technology was built. The showcase project was built in the new office building of Naikoon Contracting in Vancouver.

  • Multi-Family House, Grossaffoltern

    In Grossaffoltern in the Bernese Seeland, four apartment buildings with the new TS3 technology are being built. This is the world's first residential development with this innovative technology.

  • New build MFH Berger, Thun

    A four-floor multi-family dwelling made of timer elements constructed in the Lauenen villa quarter in Thun.

  • SFH Brügger, St. Antoni

    The single family house "Brugger" in a rural setting is fully prefabricated and was ready for occupation after a construction period of just 4 months. The timber structure conceals a world first – namely the TS 3.0 system developed by Timbatec, a floor system consisting of slabs that also support a biaxial concrete ceiling.

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