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Pavillon Restaurant Hirschenbad, Langenthal



Where once the people of Langenthal took a bath in the tin tub, the Burch family now spoils you in the Hirschenbad restaurant. TS3 technology was used for the new pavilion.

The Pavilion zoom
The Pavilion
Grouting the TS3 joint zoom
Grouting the TS3 joint
Supports at the pavilion zoom
Supports at the pavilion
Steel beams in the old building zoom
Steel beams in the old building

The Project

The Hirschenbad restaurant, built in 1728, was completely renovated and extended with a pavilion and a new kitchen.   On September 26, 2019, the Hirschenbad restaurant was reopened after a renovation phase of almost 18 months. All rooms were thoroughly renovated, energetically brought up to the latest state of the art and renovated with great attention to detail. In addition, a new environment with a beautiful garden and a pavilion was created. The cooking paradise has been equipped with the most modern production methods and forms the basis for a regional, fresh cuisine.

The Construction

The new pavilion in the outdoor area is to be highlighted.  The oval shape is only placed on fan-shaped columns and has a one-sided opening and a large canopy. The cross laminated timber roof spans an area of around 9m x 7m. The wooden panels were joined together to form a large area using TS3 technology. The supports were clamped at the bottom with glued-in threaded rods. This enabled the construction without beams or supports in the middle of the pavilion.

Further Challenges

In the case of renovations, the load transfer is often a sticking point. By means of a truss construction on the ground floor, the loads from the floors above could be distributed to the external walls.

- Number of floors 3
- Gross floor area ca. 675 m²
- Glued laminated timber 35 m³
- TS3 technology

Services Timbatec / TS3
- SIA Phase 11 Status analysis
- SIA Phase 41 Tender and comparison of offers
- SIA Phase 51 Implementation project- Statics and construction
- Cost estimate
- Specialist construction management and construction site inspections
- Joint bonding with TS3 technology

Lüscher Egli AG
4900 Langenthal

Building Owner
Thomas Rufener
4900 Langenthal

Timber Construction Engineers
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG
3012 Bern

Timber Construction
Zaugg AG Rohrbach
4938 Rohrbach

Civil Engineer
Wälchli & Partner AG
4900 Langenthal

Building Physics
MBJ Bauphysik + Akustik AG
3422 Kirchberg

Construction Management
Lüscher Egli AG, 4900 Langenthal


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