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Carport , Nottwil



A carport was built on an existing garage in Nottwil using TS3 technology with a column grid of 5 meters.

The construction

The 140 mm thick CLT panel forms the roof. The panel, consisting of two individual parts, was cast on site using TS3 technology to form an area of 37.5 m2. The slab is supported by 2 columns at a distance of 5 meters.

The challenges 

With a thickness of 140 mm, the slab is relatively thin. In addition, this project was the first time that the X-Fix from SCHILCHER Trading & Engineering - GmbH was used.

- Number of floors: 1 roof 

- Gross floor area: 37.5 m2 

- CLT: 5.25 m3 

- TS3 technology: 8 linear meters of joints


Building Owner

Timber Construction Engineers
Schilliger Holz AG, Küssnacht

Civil Engineer
Timber Structures 3.0 AG

CLT-Hersteller: Schilliger Holz AG, Küssnacht

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