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Pavillon Lokstadt, Winterthur



Where locomotives and machines were once built, a new urban district is now being created right next to Winterthur train station. In front of the house "Krokodil" a pavilion with the TS3 technology was built.

The Project

The cylindrical TS3 pavilion is the new meeting place for the "Crocodile" residents who will be moving into their new apartment in the wooden building in the next few months. The goal was a lightweight pavilion with filigree steel supports and a gently curved roof of wood on top. The side walls made of bent expanded metal sheeting are to be movable and make the pavilion versatile.

The Construction

After erecting the 12 steel columns and the circular steel ring, the roof, a dome (spherical section) of cross-laminated timber panels cut to a trapezoidal shape with a polygonal center section, was placed in place. The factory-cut and pre-treated cross-laminated timber panels were placed on an auxiliary framework and glued together with TS3 joint bonding. The gap to the steel frame was grouted all around with a cement grout so that the forces can be transferred to the steel frame without slippage.

- Number of floors: 1 

- Gross floor area: 98 m²

- CLT: 11.76 m³

- TS3 technology: 83 linear meters of joints

Building Owner
Implenia Schweiz AG, Rümlang

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