Butt joint bonding of timber

 The engineers at Timbatec managed to glue timber on the face side. This opens up a whole new world of structural and design-related options that was previously inaccessible to timber constructions


Bonding of beams

 Gluing cross-laminated timber to form beams of any length


Bonding of slabs

 Gluing cross-laminated timber to form slim slabs of any size


Column heads

 Highly stable column heads with breaking loads from 1,100 to 3,100 kN (110 to 310 tonnes)


Floor slabs

 Connecting column heads to ceiling elements to create slim floor slabs


Frame construction

 These new technologies make it possible to construct multiaxial-bearing slim slabs for structural timber elements


High-rise buildings

 The new technologies put the construction of high-rise timber buildings within reach. The structural elements may need to be encapsulated, i.e. clad, with plasterboard depending on national regulations


Shear walls without slippage

 It is now possible to calculate bracing walls as an entire surface with cut-outs. This reduces flexibility and increases rigidity, e.g. for seismic loads


Simple V-structures

 Angled surfaces can also be bonded. This makes it possible to form simple V-structures, for instance


Complex folded plates

 Unfolding makes it possible to create complex folded plates


Bridge construction

 Tiled slab box used in bridge construction


Pipe-shaped modules

 Box modules open at the face side for hotel rooms


Buildings made of curved construction elements

 Curved construction elements can also be bonded, e.g. for troughs, salt silos, masts for wind farms and similar.


3D shell structures

 Biaxially curved shells can be used to construct 3-dimensional shell structures


Free forms

 Free forms are now also possible



 Are you still constructing instead of creating?

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  • We are hiring!

    We are hiring!

    15.10.2021 Line

    We are looking for reinforcement in sales! Do you want a new challenge? Contact us, we would like to get to know you.   

  • Tour of the house full of innovations

    Tour of the house full of innovations

    13.10.2021 Line

    Due to high demand, the HOLZarchitekTOUR stops again in Thun at BMW15 - an apartment building full of innovations. On October 21, we invite you to the guided tour together with the Initiative Holz BE.   

  • Webinar WoodSolutions with Stefan Zöllig

    Webinar WoodSolutions with Stefan Zöllig

    05.10.2021 Line

    Learn details around TS3 technology in a webinar. Stefan Zöllig will hold a webinar for the Australian series WoodSolutions on October 12 from 07:00 - 08:00. Listeners from all regions of the world are expected.   

  • Challenge passed!

    Challenge passed!

    01.10.2021 Line

    Timber Structures 3.0 AG can score with two innovative ideas this year in the be-advanced Challenge. Scrimber CSC and Timbase were able to successfully compete in the three-month challenge and are now competing in the two-month Evolve.   

  • Zöllig in "Der Bund" and "20 Minuten"

    Zöllig in "Der Bund" and "20 Minuten"

    24.09.2021 Line

    Stefan Zöllig explains this week in the highest-circulation daily newspapers how the use of timber makes an active contribution to climate protection. And he shows where timber could be used everywhere - for example on highways or for the construction of basements. Read the articles here.    

  • Net zero CO₂ thanks to timber construction

    Net zero CO₂ thanks to timber construction

    20.09.2021 Line

    This coming weekend, the population of the Canton of Bern will vote on a climate protection article - Timbatec says YES. Because: We are in favor of climate protection, and building with wood makes a significant contribution to this. In today's edition of "Der Bund" Stefan Zöllig explains why we have to stop building with steel and concrete.    

  • ArchitekTOUR in the timber cellar - a great success

    ArchitekTOUR in the timber cellar - a great success

    02.09.2021 Line

    Basements made of timber are more environmentally friendly, can be built quickly and offer a pleasant atmosphere. The first basement made of timber in Switzerland was inaugurated and certified as part of the ArchitektTOUR: the timber used is from Switzerland and stores a total of 222 tons of CO2.   

  • School building extension with TS3 technology

    School building extension with TS3 technology

    26.08.2021 Line

    The school building Feld in Richterswil is being extended and renovated at a cost of 7.6 million Swiss francs. Around four million Swiss francs of this will be invested in the two-story addition using TS3 technology. This will create an additional 1,542 square meters of space for class-, group and a music room.   

  • Invitation to the first cellar made of timber

    Invitation to the first cellar made of timber

    23.08.2021 Line

    The BMW15 apartment building in Thun is an innovative showcase project: it is built on the first cellar made of wood in Switzerland, does not require heating and breaks new ground in digital planning. On September 1, we invite you to a guided tour together with the Initiative Holz BE.    

  • TS3 at the lido Hopfräben, Brunnen

    TS3 at the lido Hopfräben, Brunnen

    19.08.2021 Line

    Seemingly weightless, the new TS3 construction roofs the service and changing buildings of the lido in Brunnen. Together with Dettling Holzbau and steinerARCHITEKTUR TS3 invites to a project tour with aperitif - a good opportunity to get to know the technology.