Butt joint bonding of timber

 The engineers at Timbatec managed to glue timber on the face side. This opens up a whole new world of structural and design-related options that was previously inaccessible to timber constructions


Bonding of beams

 Gluing cross-laminated timber to form beams of any length


Bonding of slabs

 Gluing cross-laminated timber to form slim slabs of any size


Column heads

 Highly stable column heads with breaking loads from 1,100 to 3,100 kN (110 to 310 tonnes)


Floor slabs

 Connecting column heads to ceiling elements to create slim floor slabs


Frame construction

 These new technologies make it possible to construct multiaxial-bearing slim slabs for structural timber elements


High-rise buildings

 The new technologies put the construction of high-rise timber buildings within reach. The structural elements may need to be encapsulated, i.e. clad, with plasterboard depending on national regulations


Shear walls without slippage

 It is now possible to calculate bracing walls as an entire surface with cut-outs. This reduces flexibility and increases rigidity, e.g. for seismic loads


Simple V-structures

 Angled surfaces can also be bonded. This makes it possible to form simple V-structures, for instance


Complex folded plates

 Unfolding makes it possible to create complex folded plates


Bridge construction

 Tiled slab box used in bridge construction


Pipe-shaped modules

 Box modules open at the face side for hotel rooms


Buildings made of curved construction elements

 Curved construction elements can also be bonded, e.g. for troughs, salt silos, masts for wind farms and similar.


3D shell structures

 Biaxially curved shells can be used to construct 3-dimensional shell structures


Free forms

 Free forms are now also possible



 Are you still constructing instead of creating?

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  • TS3 receives U.S. Patent for Face Bonding

    TS3 receives U.S. Patent for Face Bonding

    05.02.2020 Line

    It's official: The frontal connection of wooden components with TS3 technology has been patented in the USA since the beginning of 2020. This is already the second important US patent after that for building structures with columns, column heads and panels for floor slabs from November 2018.   

  • TS3 at Swiss Bau

    TS3 at Swiss Bau

    07.01.2020 Line

    Swiss Bau is the leading trade fair for the construction and real estate industry in Switzerland. We look forward to your visit to our stand B96 in hall 1.0, where we will show you how to build large-scale wooden structures with TS3.    

  • The new TS3-Configurator is online

    The new TS3-Configurator is online

    23.10.2019 Line

    With the new online configurator from TS3 you can estimate the thickness of a wooden floor with just a few clicks. The pre-dimensioning of TS3 floor slabs is thus considerably simplified.    

  • Elections 2019 - A springboard for timber

    Elections 2019 - A springboard for timber

    22.10.2019 Line

    Switzerland's 2019 elections to the National Council will go down in history as the climate elections. A springboard for wood as a building material? Absolutely! Anyone who wants to contribute to climate protection is now building with timber. Wood stores CO2 in the long term and has an excellent climate balance - on the other hand, the cement industry is one of the biggest climate sinners.    

  • Wood Innovation Award: Silver for TS3

    Wood Innovation Award: Silver for TS3

    16.10.2019 Line

    During the opening ceremony of the wood fair an independent jury awarded the wood innovation price. Timber Structures 3.0 wins the silver medal. We are proud of this huge success.    

  • The first TS3 multi-family houses are occupied

    The first TS3 multi-family houses are occupied

    05.07.2019 Line

    In Grossaffoltern not far from Lyss, Switzerland, STUBERHOLZ built the residential complex of Spreng und Partner Architekten. The first tenants are currently moving into the apartments.    

  • TS3 endurance test bench celebrates birthday

    TS3 endurance test bench celebrates birthday

    16.05.2019 Line

    One year ago, on 15.5.2018, the TS3 endurance test bench was inaugurated. Around 100 people celebrated with the developers of the TS3 technologies and experienced live how the TS3 experts glued wooden components at the front.   

  • TS3 at the leading conference of the wood industry in the USA

    TS3 at the leading conference of the wood industry in the USA

    14.03.2019 Line

    The International MassTimber Conference in Portland/Oregon is one of the most important events for the wood industry worldwide. Timber Structures 3.0 AG is participating as an exhibitor at this important conference. Wel present the new TS3 technology and promote Swiss know-how in North America.   

  • TS3 site tour with 70 guests

    TS3 site tour with 70 guests

    28.02.2019 Line

    In Grossaffoltern in the Bernese Seeland, four apartment buildings were built using the new TS3 technology. The site tour on 21.02.2019 with 70 people was a great success. Architects and engineers, investors and potential clients met for an aperitif.   

  • Invitation to a TS3 Construction Site and Apéro

    Invitation to a TS3 Construction Site and Apéro

    06.02.2019 Line

    Would you like to experience the TS3 technology first hand? We would like to invite you to the first multi-family houses with the new TS3 technology on 21.2.2019.