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  • Load-bearing timber panel systems (465 KB)

    Detail 1+2/2018 – The research project currently being conducted by Timber Structures 3.0 AG and Timbatec in collaboration with BFH Biel, ETH Zurich and the Henkel Group company Purbond and Schillinger Holz is the topic of an article in "Detail", the Review of Architecture + Construction Details. The objective of the research project is the development of two-dimensional load-bearing wood panels and thus ceiling systems or entire skeleton structures made of wood. According to the article, the results to date have shown that it is possible to realise wood flat ceilings in a support grid up to 8 x 8 m in size and with a payload of 5 kN/m2. The ceiling system developed by TS3 is intended for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The magazine from Munich further reports that the research project is intended to bring the technology to market maturity by 2019.    

  • Trend business magazine: new timber construction technology causes sensation (PDF in german only) (177 KB)

    Skyscrapers could in future be built from cost-effective and environmentally friendly timber instead of the usual steel-reinforced concrete elements. This is according to an article by Austrian business magazine Trend reporting on the new TS3 technology. "Wood instead of reinforced concrete" is the header in the Research & Innovation section of renowned business magazine Trend on the latest TS3 technology. In its latest edition, the magazine that reaches 100,000 Austrians every week writes that the new timber construction technology is causing a sensation in the construction industry.   

  • Nachhaltiges Holzskelett, solid wie Stahl und Beton (PDF in german only) (543 KB)

    Building houses made of timber that were formerly only feasible with steel and concrete – the newly developed TS3 technology makes this possible. The latest edition of "Baubio", the magazine published by organic construction association "Baubiosuisse", contains a detailed introduction to the development of the ground-breaking technology.   

  • Neue Dimensionen im Holzbau (PDF in german only) (794 KB)

    New dimensions in timber construction | Die Grüne 3/2015 - A Swiss innovation makes it possible to glue timber on the face side and therefore produce slabs of any shape and size. Developer Stefan Zöllig and his team of engineers are now seeking builders who want to use the system.    

  • Neues Holzbausystem für Flächentragwerke (PDF in german only) (713 KB)

    New timber construction system for shell structures | Wald und Holz 3/2014 - Timbatec GmbH of Thun has developed a new timber construction system in collaboration with private and publicly funded partners that opens up new possibilities for the use of timber in construction.