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Year in review and holiday greetings



Before we close our offices from 24.12.2021 to 09.01.2022, we look back on an exciting and for timber construction very successful year 2021. Read here interesting facts about our work and the Timbagroup team. We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and wish you a relaxing holiday season and a happy new year.


This year we had the pleasure of working on some exciting timber constructions. We would like to highlight a few special projects. Because timber construction is booming, and we can be proud of that. More and more large investors and public developers are relying on the renewable raw material and timber construction is constantly establishing itself for new types of buildings. In 2021, the first office building in North America was completed, in Frenkendorf the tallest TS3 building with four stories was erected, and in Thun the first apartment building with a wooden basement has been occupied. Today, storeys are built in timber construction and with TS3 technology, such as the Richterswil school building.


Clockwise from top left: Blümlimattweg apartment building in Thun, Lokstadt pavilion in Winterthur, timber cellars in Thun, Fasanenhof in Frenkendorf, roofs of the lido in Brunnen, Wehntalerstrasse apartment building in Zurich.


Anyone who achieves great things needs great employees. We are happy to have such people. We are particularly pleased to be growing continuously. In 2021, we welcomed many new colleagues to our ranks. We extend a warm welcome to you!


Our new colleagues who have joined our team in 2021 (from top left) Xuezhao Zhang , trainee; Dario Salzgeber, technology manager; Richard Wüthrich, trainee; Albert Beeler, project employee Scrimber; Julian Schori, sales employee; Marcel Limbach, plant planning manager in Bern; Yannick Vetter, wood construction engineer intern in Delémont; Sebastien Bonifacio, building physicist in Delémont; Lisa Adler, civil engineer in Zurich; Jens Röcken, ICT in Bern; Christian Schnyder, wood construction engineer intern in Zurich; Piero Kessler, timber construction engineer intern in Zurich; Lukas Lehner, timber construction engineer in Vienna; Bernhard Krupka, timber construction engineer in Vienna; Marc Krcmar, timber construction engineer in Vienna; Jari Janowski, timber construction engineer in Zurich; Lisa Rogatsch, timber construction engineer intern in Zurich; Lukas Leu, timber construction engineer intern in Bern; Raphael Gwerder, timber construction engineer in Zurich 

Research and development

TS3 and Timbatec are pioneers in the wood industry. Innovation, research and development have always been part of our engineering company's DNA - close cooperation with universities is our virtue. This allows us to constantly open up new areas of application for timber construction. For particularly promising innovations such as TS3 or basements made of wood, we found startups that are part of our Timbagroup family.

In addition to our research and development work in our Innovation Lab, the following research projects were initiated in the current year:

  • Innosuisse research project "Achieving market readiness of the biaxial load-bearing flat deck system in timber construction" of both Bern University of Applied Sciences (Link)
  • Timber Structures 3.0 - Biaxial hollow timber slab at ETH Zurich (Link)
  • DeepWood at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Bern University of Applied Sciences (Link)
  • Cellars made of wood at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (Link)

We look forward to continuing to be a part of various research and development projects in the coming year. Thanks to the passion and tireless work of researchers, timber construction is where it is today.

Media and lectures  

Just a few years ago, timber construction was a topic for trade journals. Today, the most widely read daily and weekly newspapers report on the use of wood. We are pleased about this development and are proud to be part of this success story. At the beginning of the year, Stefan Zöllig joined the great "Who's Who" of the Swiss construction and real estate industry in the NZZ am Sonntag. 20Minuten, Bund and other newspapers regularly reported on the innovative projects such as the cellar made of wood and the wildlife bridges. You can find an overview here

We like to share our knowledge. This is our contribution to the further development in timber construction. Unfortunately, several events were cancelled this year as well - such as the annual highlight: the IHF in Innsbruck, which would have taken place last week. Nevertheless, we were able to give several exciting presentations. Here are some examples: 

- Armin Schawalder spoke at the EHB in Cologne in October (Link

- Silvan Stierli spoke at the Holzbau Netzwerk Berlin-Brandenburg (Online Aufzeichnung

- Tamir Pixner lectured at the Danube University in Krems (Link

- And Stefan Zöllig lectured on countless occasions 😊


We wish you a relaxing holiday season and a happy new year. 2022 will be a festive year for us, as Timbatec can celebrate the 25th anniversary. We look forward to new challenges and encounters with you, dear customers, partners and companions.