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Challenge passed!



Timber Structures 3.0 AG can score with two innovative ideas this year in the be-advanced Challenge. Scrimber CSC and Timbase were able to successfully compete in the three-month challenge and are now competing in the two-month Evolve.

Our ideas 

For this year's be-advanced Challenge, TS3 successfully sent two ideas into the race. 

In order to satisfy the increasing demand for wood, new building products are needed. Because: With today's well-known and often used glulam and cross laminated timber products, a lot of waste is produced, which reduces the yield to about 30% of the tree. New products are therefore needed for the timber construction market: with Scrimber CSC, whole trees could be processed into construction products. For the production of Scrimber, tree trunks and branches are shredded into individual fibers with large rollers, these are added with glue and processed into building products in the desired shape and dimension. 

The second idea has already been carried out in Thun on a research project. The system of basements in timber revolutionizes today's concrete-heavy construction methods and uses the existing possibilities of current waterproofing technology for flat roofs and pond construction. Skillfully combined with the expertise of progressive timber construction companies, timber can literally be given more depth. 


The innovation promotion agency "be-advanced" strengthens the innovative power and competitiveness of Bernese startups and companies. It works on behalf of the location promotion of the Canton of Berne as well as the private sector and stands for an independent and supra-regionally networked impulse generator.

Startup Programm

Startup Program 

Many startups fail again at the beginning due to too low market demand. be-advanced wants to counteract this and has launched the be-advanced Challenge. During the first three months, the business idea is validated on the market by teaching the people behind the startups the necessary techniques. Finally, the conclusion of the Challenge is for all teams to pitch in front of experts. 

Scrimber CSC as well as Timbase successfully passed the Challenge and is now in Evolve. The startup is developing a product-market fit strategy with specific milestones. With the methods learned, startups can plan strategically and deploy resources optimally. 

After successfully completing the first two phases, it comes to the final stage - the Highflyer. The business idea is scaled and investors are sought. A further pitch can be held in front of a panel of experts - with chances of admission to the Foundation for Technological Innovation, Aare Ventures and other investors. We are currently working at full speed with our two ideas in order to reach the final phase of the program.