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Zöllig in "Der Bund" and "20 Minuten"



Stefan Zöllig explains this week in the highest-circulation daily newspapers how the use of timber makes an active contribution to climate protection. And he shows where timber could be used everywhere - for example on highways or for the construction of basements. Read the articles here.

Steel and concrete are the dominant building materials - and they are very CO₂ -intensive. Cement plants in Switzerland alone were responsible for a good 6 percent of national CO₂ emissions in 2019, making the construction industry as a whole a climate sinner. Timber, on the other hand, stores CO2 during its growth, around one ton per cubic meter. If the timber is burned after it is felled, or if the dead tree decays in the forest, the CO₂ is released again. This does not happen if it is used for building. Then it remains stored - at least as long as the building or component exists. If we want to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, we have to stop building with steel and concrete now and rely on wood construction instead.

Report "For net zero CO ₂ it wants high in timber construction" in "Der Bund" of 20.10.2021 (in German).

Report as PDF 

Report "Apart from the pavement, we can build the whole highway out of timber" in the 20 Minuten of 24.10.2021 (in German).

Link to the report