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New year - new laws



On January 1, 2021, several regulations and laws that favor timber construction came into force. The CO2 ordinance requires that global warming be kept below 2 degrees Celsius. The BöB is a return to quality competition - timber construction is ahead of the game.

On November 25, 2020, the Federal Council put the revised CO2 Ordinance into force as of January 1, 2021. This extends key climate protection instruments until the end of 2021. The Paris target of keeping warming below 2 degrees Celsius and, if possible, limiting it to 1.5 degrees Celsius has finally been legally established. To achieve this goal, Switzerland aims to halve its emissions by 2030, with three-quarters of this reduction to take place domestically. The goal is to be climate neutral by 2050.

An alliance of the oil and automotive industries has launched a referendum against the CO₂ Act. This means that Switzerland will vote on June 13, 2021. Timbatec supports the CO₂ law and is part of the committee «Swiss Economy for the CO2 Law». Read more

Construction industry under responsibility  

Depending on the source, up to 40 percent of global CO2 emissions are attributed to construction. The construction industry therefore has a duty to reduce CO2 emissions. Buildings with steel and concrete cause massively high CO2 emissions during production. Cement production alone is responsible for five to eight percent of global CO2 emissions. One cubic meter of reinforced concrete causes around 500 kg of CO2 emissions during its production.

The situation is quite different with wood: The naturally renewable building material requires only solar energy and water for its production. As it grows, a tree converts CO2 into oxygen thanks to photosynthesis. Each cubic meter of wood thus stores around one ton of CO2 in the long term. Anyone who wants to make a contribution to climate protection builds with wood today.          

Public procurement law  

The new public procurement law (BöB) has also been in force since January 1. Here, a paradigm shift towards more sustainability and quality competition is taking place. The BöB applies to public building authorities. They have an annual order volume of around 40 billion Swiss francs. And it has an impact on the entire economy, because it sets a new standard for procurement.

Procuring good quality is a benefit for all. Too strong a price weighting has inhibited suppliers from offering innovative solutions. New award criteria such as "innovation" make it possible to reward good solutions. BöB is therefore an opportunity for even more timber construction projects and innovative technologies such as TS3. Let's seize it!    

Timber Structures 3.0 wishes everyone a good start into a successful year 2021. We are looking forward to exciting projects together with you.