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TS3 pavilion erected



Where locomotives and machines used to be built, a new district is now being created right next to Winterthur railroad station. Last week, a pavilion with TS3 technology was erected in front of the "Crocodile" building.

The house "Krokodil", a 6 to 8-storey courtyard house in wooden construction, is the first building block of this area development. More than 250 apartments will be built in the 100-meter long and 60-meter wide wooden structure.   

TS3 pavilion erected 

Directly in front of the new wooden building there is a cylindrical pavilion about the size of the one on Zurich's Bürkliplatz. The TS3 pavilion is the new meeting place for the "Crocodile" residents who will move into their new apartment in the coming months. The round roof is supported by slender columns, two wall elements protect against wind and weather.   

The roof consists of triangular cross laminated timber panels, which were cast into a round panel using TS3 technology. The Timber Structures 3.0 technology, or TS3 for short, glues the wooden components at the front. For this purpose, the CLT panels were pre-treated with a specially developed primer at Implenia's plant in Rümlang and positioned at the construction site with a distance of a few millimeters from each other. A two-component polyurethane casting resin is then injected into the gap. In this way, the components are joined together by joint casting and without pressure. This enables a column-free pavilion with a diameter of around twelve meters to be realized.  

Montage CLT Platte, Pavillon Lokstadt

Workers from Implenia and TS3 are jointly assembling the pre-treated CLT panels. The segment strips (black) and the sealing strip (white) are visible on the front side of the panel. 

The technology is the result of ten years of research and development by Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG together with the ETH Zurich and the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Today the technology is ready for the market. We look forward to further exciting projects. The next projects that will soon be built with the TS3 technology are two apartment buildings in Thun and in Fränkendorf. 

Ansicht von aussen, Krokodil

The construction work on the crocodile is coming to an end. Soon the apartments will be occupied.