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TS3 joint tested by the elements for a year



Timber Structures 3.0 AG is currently having the TS3 joint comprehensively tested under arduous conditions – namely outside, exposed to the elements of the four seasons. The joint is undergoing testing at the Institute of Structural Engineering at ETH Zurich.

Timber Structures 3.0 wants to use the large-format, long-term test in an outdoor climate to find out how the TS3 joint behaves outdoors and in extreme conditions such as changing wood moisture, hot and cold. The objective is to gain important insights for future applications incorporating the joint. To this end, four cross-laminated timber panels were glued together in the middle of May to create a single panel measuring 6 by 6 metres with corner supports.  

The long-term test with the glued cross-laminated timer panel has three objectives: firstly, to gain further insights into the assembly and dispensing process; secondly, to analyse the deformation behaviour in conjunction with changing wood moisture; and thirdly, to test the vibration behaviour of the biaxial supporting panel.  

Load test with 9.6 tonne Big Bags 

TS3 is therefore having the joint tested outside the Institute of Structural Engineering test facility at ETH Zurich. 12 Big Bags with a combined weight of no less than 9.6 tonnes have been placed on top of the glued panels for the load test. They simulate the quasi-continuous load on a ceiling with a load capacity of up to 500 kg/m².  

After the long-term test, TS3 will investigate the break resistance in a bending test. The panels will be cut into strips and tested at the ETH.  

The results of the extensive tests are expected to be available in the summer of 2018.