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"Baubio" magazine: TS3 enables a new dimension of timber construction



Building houses made of timber that were formerly only feasible with steel and concrete – the newly developed TS3 technology makes this possible. The latest edition of "Baubio", the magazine published by organic construction association "Baubiosuisse", contains a detailed introduction to the development of the ground-breaking technology.

The possibilities of timber construction have grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. 15 years ago, residential buildings made of timber could accommodate 20 to 30 apartments at most, explains TS3 founder Stefan Zöllig in an interview with "Baubio", the magazine for sustainable construction culture. Timber structures with up to 100 apartments were already possible at the beginning of this decade. The housing development "sue & til" with no fewer than 300 apartments is currently under construction in the Swiss town of Winterthur.  

New timber construction system on par with solid construction 

The project in Winterthur has a concrete ground floor, concrete staircases and long steel girders in the ceilings. However, structures of any height built entirely from timber should be possible in the future. The goal of TS3: timber construction system on a par with solid construction, enabling a new dimension of building with timber.   

More than 1,000 tests for a new timber construction generation

In its latest edition, the magazine describes in great detail the seven years of research with different partners that flowed into the development of the TS3 technology. More than a thousand bend tests, tensile tests and pressure tests were carried out at ETH Zurich and the Higher Technical School of Wood Biel, which is affiliated to Bern University of Applied Sciences. It was then as clear as day: "This is the new generation of timber construction", says "Baubio", quoting TS3 project manager Marcel Herzog.    

You can read the entire article on TS3 here.