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MFH Berger in Thun ready for occupation



Residents were able to move into the multi-family dwelling after a construction time of 8 months.

Timber construction once again shows what it can achieve. This multi-family dwelling in Thun with 3 apartments was erected in just 8 months. Work on the excavation, foundations and cellar began in November 2014 after the existing building had been demolished. The shell consisting of timber elements was erected just 3 months later in February 2015. It was carried out together with the closure pour for the TS3 floor slabs within one week. The remaining development work such as interior finishing and the external surroundings took another 5 months, so that the building was handed over to the owners on 10 July 2015 ready for occupancy.

It was the first time TS3 technology was used on a larger scale. The floor slabs and the flat roof are made of timber elements with butt joint bonding technology. The visible ceiling area appears as a uniform, jointless surface. Although it never caused a stir in solid construction, it is now also possible with timber: the construction of a level, load-bearing slab measuring 10.00 x 10.00 metres! One hundred square metres of timber in one piece.

MFH Berger